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Gribble Press 2013 Chapbook Contest Finalists:


Soldier of the Afterlife, Poetry by Tom Davis

Tom Davis’s poem, “Grocery Cart in Hangman Creek”  Check it out: www.kathleenflenniken.com/blog.

BOOK LAUNCH (with READINGS & SIGNING PARTIES) Soldier of the Afterlife
Latest Poetry Collection by Tom I. Davis
Published by Gribble Press, Spokane, WA

Gribble Press proudly announces the release of Soldier of the Afterlife, the latest volume of poetry by Tom I. Davis. Those familiar with Tom’s previous books of poetry who know him for his loving and powerful paean to Peaceful Valley and his hard-won salute to aging will recognize his masterful play with language and writer’s eye for observation. This new collection offers the reader “words snagged on the concentration camp’s barbed wire while escaping,” to borrow a line from his poem, “In Harm’s Way,” that perfectly describes the sometimes painful yet always energetically free language Tom finds to introduce us to his world. 

For further information regarding Tom I. Davis and his work, or any questions regarding Gribble Press, please contact Publisher, Iris Gribble-Neal at 509-951-3374 or email Gribble@greymaredit.com Web site: www.greymaredit.com

Tom I. Davis’ Upcoming Celebration Readings/Signings in Spokane
RSVP on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/events/437860696262846/

Book Launch:

December 2, 2012 Sunday 3pm                                                                                     Shotgun Studio 1625 W. Water Ave. Spokane WA
On the River’s Edge in Peaceful Valley

December 3, 2012 Monday 7pm                                                                                       Jones Radiator 120 E. Sprague Ave. Spokane WA
Part of Launch of New Reading Series
Danger! Live Writers Hosted by Dennis Held

December 5, 2012 Wednesday 6:30pm
Neato Burrito 827 W. 1st Ave. Spokane WA
Part of Weekly Broken Mic Open Mic Series

MORE ART HAPPENING…. Shotgun Studio Art Show + Sale 2 Days Only!

Nov 30th, NOON-8pm & Dec 1st, 10am-6pm
1625 W. Water Ave. Spokane WA on the River in Peaceful Valley

Artists: Jared C. Anderson, T.C. Quinn, E.L.Stewart, Natalie Stewart-Utley
Darrell Sullens, John F. Thamm



Bio, Carol Frith

Carol and her husband, the poet Laverne Frith, live in Sacramento, California, where they co-edit the poetry journal, Ekphrasis, which publishes poems addressing individual works of art. The Friths work together as a poetry team. In addition to editing and publishing Ekphrasis, they have, over the years, conducted numerous workshops on a variety of poetry subjects. At home, the Friths actively workshop each other’s poems. They read widely in poetry and poetry criticism and carry on enthusiastic poetry discussions and conversations. 

A poem of Carol’s received a “Special Mention” listing in the 2003 Pushcart Prize Anthology, and she has two sonnets in the anthology, Sonnets: 150 Contemporary Sonnets (University of Evansville Press, 2005). She has chapbooks from Medicinal Purposes, Bacchae Press, Palanquin Press, and two chapbooks from Finishing Line Press. Her full-length collection, two for a journey, was released in 2010 from David Robert Books. She was the 2001 winner of the MacGuffin Poet Hunt, and is a frequent finalist for the Howard Nemerov Sonnet Award. 

Her poetry has appeared in Seattle Review, POEM, Spillway, Midwest Quarterly, Atlanta Review, Rhino, Rattle, Poetry Kanto, Lake Effect, Willow Review, Eclipse, Redivider, The Literary Review, Porcupine, Measure, Clackamas, Smartish Pace, Valparaiso, The Formalist, Karamu, Main Street Rag, Iris, River Oak Review, Interim, Phoebe (NY), Switched-On Gutenberg, and others. 

Order your copy of Elegiacs in a Closed Room for $10.00 plus $1.50 S&H from Gribble Press, PO Box 10307, Spokane, WA 99209-0307.


Chapbook Competition Runners Up: Francine Witte, Wolf Logic; Justin Hamm, The Every Day Parade/Elegy for Sounds Forgotten; Charles Hansmann, Translations of the Wayless Poet; Michael A. Flanagan, Days Like These; E.K. Mortenson, The Fifteenth Station; Becky Gould Gibson, Whitening Toward Noon; Rochelle Shapiro, In Your Sleep; Allen Strous, Breakdowns.

New poetry from Tyson West. His book, Home-Canned Forbidden Fruit, available now for $15.00. Send check or money order to Gribble Press, PO Box 10307, Spokane, WA 99209-0307.

Winner of the Gribble Press Chapbook Competition for 2010, Vol. 2: Toni Thomas for her manuscript, Fast as Lightning.

Finalists in competition: Christopher Buckley for Varieties of Religious Experience; Kathleen Balma for Spaghetti Midwestern; Beth Copeland for The Origins of Silk; Christopher Farrell for Broken Maps of Quiet Lives; Deborah H. Doolittle for Fine Lines; Jack Lindeman for You Can Tell; Heather Kim for The Story You Tell Yourself, and Thomas Rechtin for Ghost Writer.

Winner of Gribble Press Chapbook Competition 2010, Vol. 1: John Whalen for the manuscript, In Honor of the Spigot.

Finalists in the compeition include: Carol Frith, Tamara and the Dolls; Jean Esteve, Happenstances; Susan Landgraf, Heads or Tails: A Boxed Set of Sex Coins; Francine Witte, Love Is Like That; Lois Harrod, The Only Is; Ellen LaFleche, Ovarian; Sharon Chmielarz, She'll Return for Trees.

Contact us at Gribble Press, PO Box 10307, Spokane, WA 99209-0307 or email Gribble@greymaredit.com

*Winner* We are pleased to announce that Nancy Culp is the winner of the Gribble Press non-fiction chapbook contest of 2008 for her manuscript, Empty Bottles.

Although Nancy Culp is new to creative writing, she is no stranger to the arts. She works in many visual mediums: painting pastels, acrylics, and ceramics, in addition to teaching ceramic painting and beginning drawing classes. She presently lives in Spokane, Washington, and spends as much time as possible at the cabin her grandfather built on Lake Chelan. To order copy, send check for $10.00 to Gribble Press, PO Box 10307, Spokane, WA 99209-0307.

Walt Peterson is the author of three chapbooks of poetry. His last, In the Waiting Room of the Speedy Muffler King, won the Acorn-Rykheyser Award. In addition, he has a memoir, articles on cars and photographs published and does writing workshops, currently, with Franciscan nuns and incarcerated men at SCI Pine Grove in Indiana, PA.                                                                       o    To order copy, send check for $10.00 to Gribble Press, PO Box 10307, Spokane, WA 99209-0307.

Roy Seeger of Kalamazoo, Michigan is the winner of the Gribble Press poetry chapbook contest of 2007 for his manuscript, Garden of Improbable Birds.                                                                             Roy Seeger teaches English part time at Western Michigan University and Kalamazoo Valley Community College. HIs poetry has been featured on Verse Daily and has appeared in such journals as Verse, The Laurel Review, Gulf Coast, The Mississippi Review as well as others. He lives in Kalamazoo with his wife and small dog.                                                                                         To order copy, send check for $10.00 to Gribble Press, PO Box 10307, Spokane, WA 99209-0307.

See review of Roy Seeger's chapbook @ http://haydensferryreview.blogspot.com/2009/04/review-garden-of-improbable-birds-by.html



Main Street Rag
PO BOX 690100
Charlotte, NC 28227-7001

Contact: M. Scott Douglass
Office: 704.573.2516
Email: editor@mainstreetrag.com

 Charlotte, NC October 21, 2008—Main Street Rag Publishing Company to release Roy Seeger’s The Boy Whose Hands were Birds, the winner of their 2008 Main Street Rag Poetry Book Contest. The book will be available through Main Street Rag’s online bookstore and through select bookstores nationwide with a suggested cover price of $14. 

Roy Seeger is a Full English Instructor at the University of South Carolina Aiken and the winner of the 2007 Gribble Press Chapbook Contest for The Garden of Improbable Birds. He received his Masters of Fine Arts in Poetry from Western Michigan University in 2005 and his Masters of Arts in Poetry from Ohio University. He was also co-winner of the 2008 Society for the study of Midwestern Literature’s Gwendolyn Brooks Poetry Prize, a finalist for the 2007 Chicago Poetry Center Juried Reading, and his work has been featured on Verse Daily as well as in numerous poetry journals such as Gulf Coast, The Laurel Review, Verse and The Mississippi Review. Bob Hicok, award winning author of This Clumsy Living, says of the collection that, “There is a quiet optimism to these poems, a product of Seeger’s awareness that ‘between the clay/& the syllable that breathes/what we make/alive’ we are, as he points out, ‘little gods.’  Where others see language as limiting, he understands language as that which allows a level of ontological choice...This is an engaging first book.” William Olsen, poetry editor of New Issues Press, says of Seeger’s collection that, “These poems instruct not so much by example as by mishap, jerry-rigged allegory, domestic fluke.  The result: a poetry that is itself a credible way to live, uniquely.”

The Boy Whose Hands Were Birds is scheduled for release on October 20, 2008 through Main Street Rag Publishing Company for $14. For orders contact M. Scott Douglass through www.mainstreetrag.com or by phone at 704-573-2516. You may contact Roy Seeger for autographed copies, readings, book signings, and workshops at 803-226-0245 or by email at roydseeger@hotmail.com.


from eternity to personal pronoun by Anne Blonstein was the 2006 chapbook contest winner. The cover contains original art by Thomas Anthony Gribble, handmade paper on cardstock, and handstitching. For more information or to purchase a copy, contact Gribble@greymaredit.com.

from eternity to personal pronoun by Anne Blonstein was the 2006 chapbook contest winner. The cover contains original art by Thomas Anthony Gribble, handmade paper on cardstock, and handstitching. For more information or to purchase a copy, contact .

For a review of Anne Blonstein's chapbook, from eternity to personal pronoun, see www.asu.edu/pipercwcenter/how2journal/vol_3_no_1/index.html .

Signs Following by Lenae Nofziger was the 2005 chapbook contest winner. The cover contains original art by Thomas Anthony Gribble, handmade paper on cardstock, and handstitching. For more information or to purchase a copy, contact Gribble@greymaredit.com.